Day 2 : First official jQuery conference in India – Bangalore

Stage set for the jQuery Conference
Stage set for the jQuery Conference

Do read about the Day 1 of the conference, if you haven’t already.

If Day 1 of the conference saw some exciting talks, Day 2 could only get much better. As with Day 1, the second and final day of the conference saw some amazing discussions centered around ReactJS, Functional Programming with JavaScript, Virtual DOM, Visualisations with D3, ES6 and ending with a great talk on WebRTC.

The day began with a keynote on ‘Common jQuery Mistakes’ by Dave Methvin – President of the jQuery foundation, who spoke at length about the common pitfalls all developers tend to find themselves in quite often. Dave also spoke on the coding do’s and don’ts that would have a bearing on the page performance. The session also detailed on managing the various jQuery versions out there, being aware of the features that are either supported or deprecated, how jquery-migrate would help mitigate issues in migrating our applications from one version of jQuery to the other. The essence of the talk was that the latest version of jQuery may not be always well suited for our applications and that care needs to be taken in choosing the right version often going through the documentation and which seldom developers do these days. The keynote ended with several code snippets demonstrating the mistakes committed therein and a way out of all those mistakes. The session met with a thunderous applause from the eager audience.

Keynote on 'Common jQuery Mistakes'
Keynote on ‘Common jQuery Mistakes’

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Day 1 : First Official jQuery Conference in India – Bangalore

jQuery Conference, Bangalore
Bangalore, India

         jQuery Foundation in conjunction with AgileFAQs, hosted the first ever official jQuery Conference in Bangalore, India. The event, spread over two days (24th and 25th July) was well attended with over 300 Developers, Testers, Freelancers, CEO’s of Start-ups, Open Source contributors, JavaScript & jQuery enthusiasts from 5 countries. The conference saw presentations and talks on host of JavaScript technologies and tools from the management of the jQuery Foundation as well as some amazing JavaScript enthusiasts. Apart from Kris Borchers – Executive Director, the jQuery Foundation was represented by Dave Methvin – President, and Scott Gonsalez – the jQuery UI Lead.

Dave Methvin
Dave Methvin
Kris Borchers
Scott Gonzalez
Other than HCL Tech, the event saw participation of employees from several multinational companies such as Adobe Systems, Cognizant Technology Solutions,  IBM, Informatica, SAP Labs, Time Inc., TCS, Yahoo! name a few.

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