JavaScript – Simple, Intuitive & Promising

Web development is an area of immense interest to me. Having been in this field for over 3 years now, I look back at the time I ventured into this field for the first time during my college days for some academic project. As with any newbie, I started with HTML and CSS with an intention to design a simple login page. Designing a “Login Page” is akin to writing a “Hello World” program.

It started off pretty well and I was able to get the login page designed in no time. Once I got the hold on HTML & CSS, my curiosity increased manifold and now I wanted to add a “Home Page” which is to be shown once the login details are successfully authenticated. I was hence introduced to JavaScript and backend programming with PHP.

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Good Quora Answers

Quora is an amazing platform, for all the inquizitive minds out there!. No doubt, it boasts of an active community and amazing folks who churn out answers after answers for all the questions. Some of them are worth reading.

Here, I plan to keep on updating awesome Quora answers as and when I come across those. Watch out this spaceĀ for more and more must-read Q & A’s on Quora.


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