Stay Healthy, Stay Fit

We are all in that phase of life where work and travel take up most of the day. We wake up early in the morning and sleep late into the night. Commute to office, navigating through unpredictable traffic and put in our labor through the day, only to return home totally exhausted. At work, we are constantly staring into computer screens sitting in uncomfortable chairs for hours. The work never seems to end. All this takes up a lot of our energy and we feel tired very often and early. Fatigue tends to threaten our routine. We eagerly look forward to the weekends to rejuvenate.

Ancient scriptures tell us that a person is at his best only when Mind, Body and Soul are in sync. Each of the three need to be exercised often to kept in good shape. Mind can be exercised through mental aptitude (work, decision making, solving puzzles, thinking, reading etc.). Soul can be exercised through spiritual ways (reading scriptures, following one’s religion). Body needs to be fed and exercised to be kept in good shape (Eating healthy, physical exercise).

Most of us take care of Mind and Soul, but ignore the equally essential of the trio – the Body. Rarely do we find time to physically exercise as we spend most of the time either working or travelling. As we lack time, most of us end up having junk foods which can quickly satiate our hunger, providing instant food and energy only to cause long term health effects. Biologically, the body can fend of most of the diseases up to the age of 40 (Men) and around 45 (Women) as the immune system is strong. Once we cross that age barrier, the immune system weakens up opening doors for all kinds of health issues. Hence, it is very important to make an early start and make being healthy our top priority.

Few steps towards health which working professionals themselves can take up very easily in their day to day activities and most of which I personally follow everyday are listed below:

  • Take the stairs in office. Avoid escalators and elevators. Not only can you have a longer conversation with that colleague of yours, you can also get a decent cardio workout.
  • Take smaller water bottles to office so that you are frequently getting up and going to the cafe to get it filled. You add few more steps that way. Needless to say, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated through the day.
  • Take a break or a nap (if your workplace allows you to) – A power nap can work wonders. Try to give yourself a break in between work. Maybe you can walk across to the other side and have a talk with a colleague.
  • Try getting down a stop ahead or earlier – I personally do this just so because I can get some walk on the way back home.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious – Avoid junk and oily foods.
  • Stand whenever, wherever you can and stand straight – Avoid taking that seat in Metro or public transport. Standing can be very beneficial and and an exercise in itself.
  • Watch out for the way you sit while at work. Make sure you are sitting upright and have a good back support.
  • Spend some time doing nothing – Just do nothing. Your mind needs some rest too. You can practice Meditation, Mindfulness etc.

All the above tips can be practiced daily without having to schedule some exclusive time for it. Make it part of the your routine and incorporate health your day to day activities. Let us make being healthy a top priority for ourselves.





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