Day 1 : First Official jQuery Conference in India – Bangalore

jQuery Conference, Bangalore
Bangalore, India

         jQuery Foundation in conjunction with AgileFAQs, hosted the first ever official jQuery Conference in Bangalore, India. The event, spread over two days (24th and 25th July) was well attended with over 300 Developers, Testers, Freelancers, CEO’s of Start-ups, Open Source contributors, JavaScript & jQuery enthusiasts from 5 countries. The conference saw presentations and talks on host of JavaScript technologies and tools from the management of the jQuery Foundation as well as some amazing JavaScript enthusiasts. Apart from Kris Borchers – Executive Director, the jQuery Foundation was represented by Dave Methvin – President, and Scott Gonsalez – the jQuery UI Lead.

Dave Methvin
Dave Methvin
Kris Borchers
Scott Gonzalez
Other than HCL Tech, the event saw participation of employees from several multinational companies such as Adobe Systems, Cognizant Technology Solutions,  IBM, Informatica, SAP Labs, Time Inc., TCS, Yahoo! name a few.

Day 1 started with a keynote address from Kris Borchers, Executive Director, jQuery Foundation who spoke on the role and importance of the foundation in maintaining and supporting the development of various projects under its umbrella such as jQuery – the quintessential JavaScript library, jQuery UI – representing the UI interactions, widgets etc., jQuery Mobile – a touch optimized web framework, QUnit –  a JavaScript Unit Testing Framework. Kris also shed light on some of the important upcoming projects like Sizzle – a CSS selector engine, Globalize – an i18n library, Chassis – a CSS framework, Esprima – a JS Parser, PEP – a polyfill for pointer events and many more. Constrained by time, Kris could only touch upon the vital statistics in terms of jQuery adoption worldwide and the logic behind some of the design decisions made by the foundation. He concluded the talk bringing to the fore, the financial implications of open source projects on the foundation and encouraging everybody out there to contribute to open source projects and donate generously in whatever way one can.

Once the keynote was delivered, the stage was set for some exciting talks & presentations. Alexis Abril – a developer with Bitovi, spoke on the pros and cons of CanJS – a project he is committed to as a open source developer. Next up was a hands on session on a Test Driven Development (TDD) of jQuery plugins by Naresh Jain – Founder, AgileFAQs (co-organizer of the conference), who gave an interesting and unique perspective on developing plugins. The audience broke for lunch after similar sessions on ‘Building Large Scale Apps with Angular.js’ and ‘Functional Programming and Virtual DOM’ by other speakers.

Post lunch was an opportunity for the audience to ask Kris, Dave and Scott, questions related to the foundation and the projects the foundation supports. The trio answered all the questions with eagerness. This was followed again by talks on ‘Securing jQuery Code’, ‘Responsive Web Design’ and ‘Page Performance’ in web applications.

Day 1 ended with a keynote address from Scott Gonsalez – the jQuery UI Lead, who spoke at length on the history of the foundation, the role of the foundation in creating and nurturing the community of open source contributors,  and gave a peek into what the future holds for the foundation.

Next: Day 2 at the first official jQuery conference in India – Bangalore.


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