Google has some amazing tricks up its sleeves which seldom gets to the user base at large. Google has become synonymous with search, but rarely do people know Google is much more than that.

In this post, I will spell out some of the tricks & tips in general you can try with Google.

Feel free to share the tips & tricks you know that works out with Google, in the comments. I shall update the relevant & interesting ones in the post.

Trick #1 :

Did you know that you could set a timer in google that beeps after timeout? Surprised?
All you need to do is this:-

  • Make sure you have unmuted the volume of your system
  • Go to Google
  • Type “5 seconds timer” or “1 minute timer” depending on how long you want the timeout to be.
  • Hear the beep sound once the timeout is reached.

Trick #2 :

Suppose you have a really long number and you need to know its worth in English, all you need to do is:

  • Go to Google
  • Type in the number (Max 13 digits supported) say for example “1234567890 = english
  • Observe that Google tell its worth to be “one billion two hundred thirty-four million five hundred sixty-seven thousand eight hundred ninety

Trick #3 :

Not many are aware that if you have a Gmail Account, say for example : ‘‘, you also get an alias ‘‘. Hence you could either use ‘‘ or ‘‘. Both point to the same mail account.


Trick #4 :

T-Rex Game offline Google Chrome
T-Rex Game offline Google Chrome (only in latest builds)

Seems like a common sight, right? Specially in Google Chrome when we try opening a page or a site sans network connection and chrome rightly bombards us with this message.

It’s more than that meets the eye here. Developers of Google Chrome wanted you to chill out and have some good time instead of fretting over the lost internet connection. Hence, they put in the T-Rex game. Try hitting your space bar and Voila!. Simple, yet addictive game.


T-Rex 2


By now, you know how to pass time when you lose the network connection!.

P.S: If you don’t see the game in your Google Chrome, make sure you have the latest version, as this was introduced in recent builds (Build 38 onwards).


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